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I have been a freelance illustrator, sculptor and designer for 32 years. I have never missed a deadline. I can quickly translate clients ideas into working sketches or provide ideas and solutions to graphic problems. I specialize in "gotta have it for a meeting tomorrow" conceptual drawings. My top two selling projects: illustration for Value Tales, a children's book series about famous people whose lives exemplify a peticular value (64 pages, full color, 42 titles, 16 million copies sold) and sculpture and design for Animal Spirits, a line of animal theme candles (20 million in sales). Latest published illustration and character design for animation work: Who Moved My Cheese for Kids and Who Moved My Cheese corporate motivational DVD. After all these years, I still enjoy the adventure of a new project and creating unique sellable art for my clients. I look forward to hearing from you.


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Hungry Woman Ana Monnar, Author
Steve Pileggi, Illustrator
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Publisher:  Readers Are Leaders U.S.A.

ISBN:  978-0-9768035-4-6

 Hungry Woman is a full color rhythm and rhyme, humorous children's book. The Hungry Woman eats huge tasty meals all through the day during breakfast, lunch and dinner. She gets bigger and bigger and transforms into different animals. At the end of the story, the hungry woman ended up waking up from a bizarre dream because she went to bed hungry. Ana Monnar is the author of numerous children's books. The following are a few of the titles: It Doesn't Matter, The Law of the Funnel, Clutter, Heart of Stone, and Adoption? Thank God for That Option! Steve Pileggi has illustrated an abundance of children's books including, Who Moved My Cheese for Kids, and Value Tales, full color, 42 titles, (16 million copies sold) plus sculpture and design for Animal Spirits, a line of animal theme candles (20 million in sales.)

Annoying Alex by Alexander Monnar

Steven Pileggi (Illustrator)

From the moment Alex would wake up, he would love to annoy his mother. He would love to annoy his sister. He would love to annoy his brother. Alex seemed to get pleasure from annoying anyone and everyone. Until one day...

Annoying Alex

Once upon a time there was a five year old boy named Alex.  His family always told him, “Alex, stop being so annoying!”

From the moment Alex would wake up he would love to annoy his mother.  He
would love to annoy his sister.  He would love to annoy his brother.  Alex
seemed to get pleasure from annoying anyone and everyone.

Alex went in his room and started to throw clothes on the floor.  Then he
started to jump on his brother’s bed.  Every time after doing all of the annoying things, Alex would ask his mom, “Do you love me?”

His mother would always answer, “Yes I do Alex, but I don’t like what you
are doing!”

His mother was calling him and he didn’t want to come. He was throwing his
toys and his games.  His mother called him five more times. Alex’s mother
was about to suffer from a heart attack. Finally, he went to eat breakfast.

Alex sat down on his chair by the table. He started throwing cereal at his
brother and sister.

Alex’s sister was telling him to stop.

Alex said, “No!”

Then Alex’s sister told on him and his mom informed Alex that he could not
play with the computer.

Alex went to school and sat down in the classroom.  He started throwing
pencils at the teacher.

            The teacher said, “Stop Alex!”

            Then Alex said, “Okay.”

The bell rang and Alex went to physical education, art and lunch.  During
all the other subjects he sat quietly, did his work and was just fine.  When
he went back to homeroom he started throwing pencils again to the teacher.

         The teacher said, “Go to the      principal’s office.”

Alex went straight down to the principal’s office and sat down. There was nobody there so he waited.  He was still waiting. It had been 30 minutes after the teacher told him to go to the office and still nobody came. Alex thought about all the bad stuff he had done.   After thinking for quite a
while he finally realized that he loved pushing people’s buttons.  It must be that he had control of how some people would react and not some others. He really got joy from those who would react to his annoying ways.

 After giving it more thought, Alex realized that he was acting like a brat.
He figured out that by being annoying it would only get punishment and
getting grounded.  Then he decided I am going to hug my brother for what I
did, my sister, my mom, and my teacher.  He was really sorry for being so
annoying and realized that it was best to get people’s attention through
kindness and good actions.

So when it was time to leave Alex said to his teacher, “I am sorry that I
threw a pencil.” Then, Alex gave her a hug and the teacher forgave him.

        Alex went home and said, “Sorry”         to his brother and gave him a hug.        Alex went to his sister and said,             “Sorry” and gave her a hug. Alex     went to his mom and said,         “Sorry” and gave her a hug.  The     family forgave Alex.

It was amazing that even though Alex did all of the annoying things,
everyone accepted his apology and forgave him.  He seemed to be sincere when he apologized. Alex really thought and thought and he was making an effort to control himself from then on. He saw how everyone he loved was affected by his mischievous ways and how they forgave him because they loved him no matter what. 

 He went home and entered his bedroom.        Alex looked at the crucifix in his            room and said, “I am sorry to        Jesus Christ the Son of God.”

He then picked up the mess in his room, cleaned up and thought and thought. Alex realized that he did not have to get negative attention. Instead he was going to do good deeds from then on. After thinking for quite a while, he came up with the idea that it was time to grow up and to be kind to people.

Alexander Monnar