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Clutter by Ana Monnar, Ken Nebel (Illustrator)  Clutter is a humorous children's color book written by Ana Monnar. The main character is a boy who could not be bothered by the clutter in his room. The father wished the boy would be less messy. However, the boy knew where all of his things were under each single pile. The clutter seemed to remain no matter what. Last but not least, the teen boy grew older and married, and guess what? His first born son grew and grew. When the young son became a teenager the story repeated itself.

The imagination of a child, full of fantasy creatures, and heroic kids, is a world set apart. Taking children on an adventure artistically through fairy tales, picture books, and book jackets is something I especially enjoy. I love listening to folk tales and telling stories, and my artwork mirrors that love. I specialize in my ability to instill human qualities in my animal characters, and my rich use of watercolor. I am known for my quality workmanship.

Clutter by Ana Monnar and Ken Nebel

• Advertising
• Animals
• Caricatures
• Cartoons
• Children
• Humorous
• Logos
• Sci-Fi/Fantasy
• Watercolor
• Whimsical

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Contact Information
Ken Nebel
Los Alamos NM, New Mexico United States
Please Contact:  Ken Nebel: 815-298-8691  e-mail: 

Maggie : The Girl Who Only Loved Herself by Alberto Monnar

Ken Nebel (Illustrator)
Maggie was always making fun of people because of the way they looked. She thought she was the most beautiful girl in the world. Maggie never shared or helped anybody. But one day it all changed. What or who changed her life?

Alberto Monnar

Maggie The Girl Who Only Loved Herself by: Alberto Monnar, Ken Nebel (Illustrator)

Maggie : The Girl Who Only Loved Herself by Alberto Monnar

Ken Nebel (Illustrator)

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