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A Tribute to Bill

Young and full of life
You left one morning thinking you would come back
A dreadful accident caused by a housewife
Now your body rests under a brass plaque
Your kindness and humor
Will always be remembered
May God keep you in Heaven where there is to ponder
The Angels are blessed to have you as a member
One day you will meet again
With your loved ones that were left on Earth
Only time will heal the pain
Let God bless us with spiritual rebirth
Please guide us and free us from distress
Let Heaven’s Angels bring us peace
For peace and tranquility bring great success
Cease and put an end to the breach of peace

Ana Monnar     

A Zero to the Left

Distinctive wise problem-solver
Resolving harms with expertise
Predicaments, bad dilemmas
Bumpy troubles like cottage cheese
A zero to the left is next
Person that does not help himself
or others – very sad to see
Statue full of dust on a shelf
Move your body and help yourself
Stand on your very own two feet
Each person needs to hold their own
Winning victories not defeat
Always business before pleasure
Working hard is what we all do
Success for all that work for it
Except for those who never grew
Is endless fear what you wish for?
Grow up quickly before too late
Freedom is awesome here on Earth
Or how will you pick up your date

Ana Monnar

Beauty of Haiti

Silk and ribbons clouding the sky
Coastline and beaches – pure black sand
Walking, skipping, splash-splash snorkeling
Good, honest people – giving hand
Flawless beaches, nature walks too
Mountains and forests, trees and shrubs
Rugged valleys, crystal clear bays
Gifts of wisdom from the cherubs
Visitors welcomed to Haiti
Echoes of Africa airing
Panoramic view of realm
Haitian Saints singing and working
Beauty of Haiti is dancing
With the rainbow’s pastel colors
Different shades to please the Heavens
Family, good friends and neighbors
Rich – poor; “Where is the middle class? ”
Flesh clings tenaciously to mom
Creole speaking, dining delight
Tourist and rich folks under palm
Midnight blue sky, shimmering lights
Stars shining brightly upon moon
Happiness, sadness and sorrow
Hoping to see their loved ones soon
Poor human beings – young and old
Stomach growling, eyes tell it all
Sincerity, dignity, poise
Beauty of Haiti is for all

Ana Monnar

Because a Strong Woman, I Am

Indeed I still struggle
Swimming upstream with might
Never giving up on what I care for
Because a strong woman, I am

You might use your jagged tongue
To tear me down for what I do
You are so cruel and judgmental
Is it my strength that bothers you?

I wept from your harsh words
That took me by surprise
In front of other guests
Embarrassed I sure was

Instead of wheeling and dealing,
Writing poems and stories, too
You think I should stop it all
Does my independence bother you?

I work full time at school and in my home
Devoting ample time to my kids every day
Cheering at their sports events, celebrations,
Plus, all the pain and glory that presents each day

Glance at the mirror
Take a good look at your soul
If what you see is perfection
Then gently stroke your sharp tongue

I am a strong woman
I will continue to work hard
My accomplishments and failures
Are what make me who I am

If I ever do it differently
It will be because I will change
For God, my children, and me
Not because I am stepped and crushed

I am who I am, not just anyone to fit in
I refuse to fit the mold and take the easy route
Tenacity and endurance is what I hold
Because a strong woman, I am

Ana Monnar

"Because A Strong Woman, I Am" ‎"Because A Strong Woman, I Am" IP 368B Video Project - Group #1 Sherwin Acidera Mark Anthony Acquiat Marjorie Bocalbos James Gonczi Ailia Hopkins Charly Sampaga Speeches by: Maya Angelou Hilary Clinton Alfre Woodard Oprah Winfrey Poem Written by: Ana Monnar  WATCH THE VIDEO CREATED BY STUDENTS FROM THE University of Hawaii Students ON YOUTUBE

Bodies of Water

A lake, the sea, a river, an ocean
Are all bodies of water enhancing the Earth
Whether fresh water, or salty
Water is wet
In some regions warm
While in others so cold
Icebergs or seaweeds
Corals or pearls
Turquoise, green, gray
Crystal, sapphire, the colors
Sailboats go with the wind
Breezing through
Yachts speed up with their motors
Under the sun enjoying the day
At night the moon and the stars
Washing away the sorrows

Ana Monnar

Christmas Tree


Ana Monnar


Compassion does not mean pity
Compassion goes a long way
You might be the one offering a kind word or
gesture today
While tomorrow someone else might show
you the way

Ana Monnar

Farewell to Cuba

Standing in a fishbowl
Armed forces used control
Rummaged our suitcases – and stole
Religious statue stomped and crushed
Bracelets, watches and rings, too
Cheekbones flushed with red hue
Standing powerless with no clue
Puzzled eyes filled with soreness

Could not keep the tears away
Motherland; we cannot stay
Their hearts are made of clay
Heartless souls without a conscious
Pushed us out to the unknown
With no food and with no throne
Only wretchedness and woe to moan
Sadly humming with discomfort

I left my great-aunts weeping
Soldiers with rifles creeping
Only hope and faith keeping
To follow the unknown
Boarded a Pan Am airplane
My parents could not explain
The heartache, sorrow, misery, and pain
With deep profound dark shadows

We left Cuba to reach freedom
Reaching exile with just wisdom
Bearing in mind palm trees at random
Glared the brightness from the sunshine
As we were led to our new home
There was no place to roam
Through spiny leaves and Sea Holm
Just rest – rest from the daunting journey

Through the melancholy and gloom
Different language from the womb
Six people lived in an abode amid one room
Not knowing what stood ahead
From being rich and now so poor
Only God knew what was ahead for sure
For us to speculate – was premature
Endless days and stormy nights ahead

Nevertheless, we had love, and health
This meant more than any wealth
No longer living amongst minds stricken by filth
Modest was the hummingbird
That sang so sweet each morning
Living in freedom – no more warning
Celebrating life, not in mourning
In a great country that embraced us all

Ana Monnar


Under a tent next to my son
Above hovered dense dark clouds
An opening in the center
As if to heaven it entered
What a miracle to witness
The colossal green grassy field
Varsity girls running the course
Unaware of heaven’s stairway
From just miles above the grassland
To Alexander’s amazement
Which he pointed just before me
It was truly astonishing
Paradise – way beyond belief
Was the opening for someone?
For a special very good soul
There was just a slight drizzle
Not a thunder or lightning sound
Only peace and sense of glory
From the place we stood on the ground

Ana Monnar

Is There Enough Room

Is there enough room in my heart
Dive in and try to remember
Take a glance and see who might part
Fall in love until December

Summer, fall, winter, and through spring
Born to love, have faith, and survive
To hear Blue Jays flutter and sing
Smelling jasmine to feel alive

Fear I see, in my humble eyes
Unknown don’t wish for the present
Pure thoughts dismissed, forever dies
Lessen heart tougher than cement

Love for my daughter and two sons
Without doubt I love the three tons

Ana Monnar

The Law of the Funnel

Have you ever met a person?
Who mostly says, “Me, me, me.”
That person thinks the world revolves around them
It’s time to open his or her eyes to see
You might go out of your way to do favors
About 100 favors it might be
But on the 101st you just can’t do it
And upset that person will be
That person believes that the wide part of the
funnel is always meant for them
Then the thin part of the funnel,
The rest of the world can get
All of a sudden a rude awakening
Finally the realization that it just doesn’t work that way
It’s better to give sparingly
Than to be on the receiving end
People who are unselfish
Are happier with themselves
During their lifetime they have been giving
From the heart it comes naturally
When they truly need help
God will send Angels their way
Then be grateful and appreciative
Be humble and remember what to say
Thank you God for the Angels that you sent
each and everyday

Ana Monnar

Our Garden Is a Kaleidoscope

Our garden is a kaleidoscope

Of colorful chrysanthemums

The November birth flower

Birthday of my oldest son

Full of joy, happiness, health,

Positive energy that flows

today and all the tomorrows

with success and love

Orchids of various colors

Reflecting rays from the sunlight

The sun‘s rays, the rainbows

…colored chips of glass

Changing events throughout life

As my daughter swims peacefully

Gracefully and glad

Representing beauty, affection,

love, and charm. 

With roses surroundings

Each color representing different effects

this June birth flower signifies beauty and perfection

the birth of my daughter, my middle child.

Symmetrical pattern magically seen

Through the kaleidoscope‘s

Eyepiece that constantly

Changes the colors and

patterns of vivid succession.

Next comes the gladiola

The flower for August

Full of strength and integrity

With the shape of a sword

That will pierce your heart

With love that blooms

from my youngest son that was born

on this blessed month.

There are also bright pompoms,

ferns and moss, tones of greens

Also, neighborhood cats

that we feed twice a day

then they lounge in paradise among

the breathtaking colors. 

Daffodils gone wild

With its bright yellow tones

My birth flower;

I‘m proud to call my own

Rebirth, new beginnings full of happiness and joy

Ana Monnar

Our Love Is a Jig-saw Puzzle

Our love is a jig-saw puzzle
Complicated in many ways
Built with patience, and devotion
Passion bursting awake with blaze

Attaching each piece in its place
Endurance – persistence prevails
As each piece of the puzzle waits
Vibrant colors shine with details

Each piece is quite a mystery
Brainteaser to utter the least
With each problem that arises
Masses crashes it like a beast

Crack of dawn brings daylight’s shadows
Followed by dreams and smiles to grow
Thoughts, imaginings, ideas
Concealing the pain in the snow

Running with the jig-saw puzzle
Loving every single moment
Each timepiece obtains its lessons
With Dilemma being absent

Catch-22 – tight spot; not a problem
Just be gentle and try again
As each piece of love fits snuggly
Solid foundation to sustain

When the last piece of the puzzle
Arrives with Patience to place it
Cracking a full-size happy smile
Knowing puzzled love is legit

Ana Monnar

Rugged Mountain

I am a rugged mountain
All kinds of weather
Pass by me
The glowing sun
Brightened the horizon
While the rain and snow
Washed away the shadows
That life’s voyage threw at me
I stand erect no matter what
For I am tough
I am hopeful that
Better days will come my way

Once the spring showers rain love
Cupid strikes infinite couples
Always hitting the right mark
Awakening from the anchored peak
Allowing me to walk and breathe again
Fireworks illuminate the sky
Standing in the lake of hope
Take a listen as the bell of opportunity
Loudly plays, “Ding-dong-ding! ”
The wind is no longer crying
At last, Heaven is smiling at peace

Ana Monnar

Will You Love Me Enough?

Will you love me enough? – Today
And tomorrow – when the sun meets
The sea in every horizon
Twirling opportunity’s sweets

Will you love me enough? When the
Moon meets infinite brilliant stars
When my hair turns gray from worries
And we go through a dozen cars

Time flying by – ever so sweet
Talking – kissing amorously
Wishing more time available
For further plans done cleverly

Talking daily on the cell phone
Smiling and glowing happily
Merry, blissful, in high spirits
Precious moments come easily

Will you love me enough? When the
Green valley meets rugged mountain
And our shadows dance excitedly
Then dash and splash in the fountain

Will you love me enough? If fate
Comes knocking – it is meant to be
Destiny is calling surely
Providence prevails – can you see

Will you love me enough – will I?
We will, love each other enough

Ana Monnar

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My Children Are My Life

I Love Them

Half Full, Or Half Empty? by Ana Monnar Half Full, Or Half Empty? A Collection of Poems Written by award winning teacher and author, Ana Monnar The topics expressed in the poems were such as faith, hope, determination, responsibility, kindness, compassion, Alzheimer's Disease, nature, famous inventors, unity, plus much more. Rich in vocabulary, this book will inspire most audiences. You will find a variety! Narrative Poems Couplets Haikus Alliterations Limericks

View the Glass Half Full!
View the Glass Half Full! Imaginative Collection of Poems Offers Young Poets Insight and Inspiration
Monday February 3, 3:22 pm ET
MIAMI, Fla., Feb. 3, 2003 (PRIMEZONE) -- Writing poetry is never easy, whether it be a simple rhyme about cats wearing hats or a monumental epic detailing grand adventures and great deeds. Fortunately, award-winning teacher and author Ana Monnar is here to help! Monnar explores and explains the basics of writing poetry and much more in her new book, Half Full, Or Half Empty?

Written for children ages ten and older, Monnar's simple to use, easy to understand book offers examples of different types of poems -- from couplets to limericks, from haikus to narrative pieces, on a wide variety of topics, including faith, hope, compassion and unity. She also includes tips on reading, recitation, and composition as well as links to helpful Web sites such as online rhyming dictionaries, translations and poetry contests.

Inspired by her own love of poetry and in recognition of its therapeutic value, Monnar writes, “This book is different from other children's poetry books because it offers humor, and awakens emotions, both happy and sad.” Drawing on a culturally diverse background as well as two decades of teaching experience, Monnar's book effectively and expertly instructs even the youngest of poets to express his or her feelings, in a structured, productive way.
Author Ana Monnar was born in Havana, Cuba. Having spent her early years there, she immigrated to Miami at the age of seven and became a U.S. citizen. She earned a master of science degree in early childhood and elementary education from Florida International University and has been teaching ever since. A wife and mother of three, Monnar explores photography, reading and writing in her spare time. Although she has inspired countless students to write and publish their works, Half Full, Or Half Empty? is her first book. Her second book, Adoption? Thank God for that Option!

Poetry from Planet Earth by Ana Monnar; children's poetry book is appropriate for ages 10 and up.The book provides simple guidelines for writing poems. It also offers helpful websites. The poems throughout the book are educational.  Couplets, Acrostics, Haikus School to Work, Natural Disasters, Thank God, Land The Universe, Character Education

A Young Person's Guide to Poetry

This collection of poems is geared towards young people, and is really very informative, especially with regard to different types of poetry. Complete with a Glossary explaining the different formats, Ms. Monnar gives examples of Couplets, Acrostics, and Haikus, and defines Alliterations, Cinquains, Expository poems, Limericks and Narrative poems. Also included are addresses for related websites and clipart.

Under different headings, ever the teacher, she groups poems about occupations, natural phenomenon, Geography, Astrology and character building. This last group includes the poem "The Law of the Funnel", which has been released separately as an illustrated children's book, and is about the joys and rewards of being unselfish.

Ana teaches all
Poetry is beautiful
Easy fun format

Amanda Richards

Inspiring Young Poets and Poetry Readers

Ms. Monnar is an experienced elementary school teacher and reading specialist. In these poems, she shares her joy in poetry with her love of children into an accessible introduction to poetry for younger readers. The book doubles as both example and inspiration.

Be sure your young reader looks at the glossary in the back for examples of the different types of poems present in the volume. While back there, encourage her or him to note and look at the many other resources including poetry-related and clip art Web sites, book list, advice on caring for pets, and educational software. There are also some suggestions for adults.

The book begins in strong fashion with illustrated couplets:

"Thanks to inspiring teachers
There are future preachers"

"It is not very entertaining
To see you always complaining"

The next section looks at work. Ms. Monnar is upbeat. She even has nice things to say about lawyers . . . and choosing whether to be a prosecutor or a defense attorney.

"Remember to use your utmost persuasion
Say it with confidence, not the contrary"

My favorite section was the free verse acrostics because children will probably find these the most fun to write as they develop their writing skills. Here's Elvira:

"Energetic everyday
Loving to her family and friends
Vibrant in every fashion
Intelligent in every way
Respected by all others
Artistic is her style"

The illustrated haikus were my second favorite section.

"Gray and cloudy sky
Bright luminous sunset shines
Summer night is near"

Her paean to nature, Nature's Beauty is especially good.

She also has some fun poems for kids like Jump Rope Rhythm and Rap which tours the states of the Union. Some states also have their own poems of which I liked Colorado best. The Solar System has a neat summary of the planets in it.
The book ends with many moral lessons like those in Red Ribbon:

"Don't let peer pressure
Surround you like a thresher
Use your powerful brain
So later on, you won't have any pain."

Compassion speaks an important message very succinctly:

"Compassion does not mean pity
Compassion goes a long way
You might be the one offering a kind word or gesture today
While tomorrow someone else might show you the way."

My wife was also trained to be an elementary teacher. Through that training she developed a love of writing poetry for special occasions to honor family and friends. I cannot help but think that this slim volume can help inspire many more people to develop that love of writing poetry in the future. If it does, we will all be the richer.

New Book of Children's Poetry Educates and Entertains  Poetry from Planet Earth -- New Book of Children's Poetry Educates and Entertains
MIAMI, Sept. 4, 2003 (PRIMEZONE) -- The minds of children are like smooth soft clay, highly impressionable and waiting for something or someone to leave their mark. Instead of endless hours of watching television creating a child's initial impression, teacher and poet Ana Monnar offers her new book, Poetry from Planet Earth (now available).

"Let children laugh and play/Before old age gets in their way," she writes.
Monnar offers an abundance of diverse poetry for children and their parents to adore. Hoping to build character and set good examples, while teaching geography and science, Monnar offers a wealth of information about the world that surrounds children outside the TV room. With couplets, acrostics and haikus about everything from tornados, hurricanes and snowy days to eating salad and a favorite pair of blue jeans, the book offers a wealth of different styles of poetry to choose from. "Character Education" helps build character and teaches etiquette.

As a teacher, she injects things from the outside world to inform children of different aspects of life. In the section entitled "School to Work," Monnar explains the importance of such occupations as writer, police officers, firefighters, attorneys, judges, architects and farmers. "Land" offers devices to remember state names and "The Universe" deals with planets, stars and the Milky Way.

Complete with colorful and whimsical illustrations, Poetry from Planet Earth could insight future poets and writers while acting as a steppingstone to becoming responsible and good members of society.
Monnar has been teaching for more than 20 years. Having earned a Master of Science in the areas of early childhood and elementary education from Florida International University, Monnar has taught for more than 20 years. A former "Teacher of the Year," she has encouraged students who have later gone on to win writing awards. She and her husband, Octavio, have three children, a Yellow Nape parrot named Sunny and a Yorkshire Terrier dog named Lulu. Poetry from Planet Earth is one of Monnar's three published books.

Gold and Glitter by Ana Monnar     Gold and Glitter is a poetry book for young adults. The book offers a variety of different forms of poems written by award winning teacher, Ana Monnar. A glossary of poetic terms is provided to use as a simple guide. Websites to surf are also made available to aid the learners. E.S.E. students from Gifted, L.D., E.H. and other exceptionalities, as well as regular education and E.S.O.L. young adults are encouraged to improve reading and writing achievement. Gold and Glitter is a tool for advantaged and disadvantaged learners. All students need to meet goals and expectations. Academic standards are relevant to human beings regardless of wealth, poverty, ethnicity or creed.

"Modest to the extreme"
Gold and Glitter is a collection of forty-one poems about life, nature, relationships and even Albert Einstein.

Geared towards young adults, some of the poems are rather simplistic, but also funny, as in the case of "Hungry Woman", "Jump and Thump" and "Run, Run, Run"

However, it is in the poems about life that Ms. Monnar shows her strengths, especially the ones dealing with relationships and personal experiences. "Inconsolably Crying" for example, is a moving poem about the loss of a close friend.

Many of the others deal with topics familiar to young adults, examples being "Communication", "Clutter", and "World of the Living", the last of which advises against taking people for granted.

Also of note are the ones dealing with social situations such as "Loosen Up", about a harried clerk, and "Humble Heart" which deals with being kind to the less fortunate.

At a first glance, the opening poems, one of which is an acrostic poem, (something I learned from the helpful glossary at the back of the book), seem rather shallow, but the best ones lie within.

A collection of poems dealing with a wide cross section of topics, all geared towards young people.

Amanda Richards

 "Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed and Something Blue" are the four parts incorporated in the book titled Relax.  Part 1, Something Old, consists of selected poems from Half Full, Or Half Empty?, Poetry from Planet Earth and Gold and Glitter written by Ana Monnar.  Part 2, Something New, is a section of poems that have not been published before this title.  Part 3, Something Borrowed, consists of quotes and proverbs from long ago.  Part 4, Something Blue, offers poems with the word blue appearing somewhere in the verse.  Ana Monnar has written poetry for young adults and children's books.  Relax is intended for a more mature audience.  Some of the poems in Part 2 will be considered witty, gloomy, cynical, contemptuous, while others are inspirational.  So relax and be ready to go on a journey that will provoke your emotions.

Anna Monnar


Beautiful Long Blonde Hair flowing down my back with a pair of big bright green eyes on my face. I go by the name of Anna Lee Monnar. I was born in Harris, New York and would love to visit one day soon. The best day of my life was June 24, 1991. That's the day I was born and I have been living an amazing life ever since. I have two brothers, Alberto and Alex and a wonderful motivating woman as a mom, Ana Monnar.

My family and friends love me because I am very outgoing, funny, inspiring, caring, trustworthy, and helpful. I love to go out as much as I can, but I also love staying in and watching movies with my loved ones. I enjoy going to the beach, exercising, dancing, sports, movies, going out to eat and modeling. I'm currently attending Miami Dade College Wolfson Campus and I am enrolled in the dual program with F.I.U.

In the Future I hope to fulfill my dream of becoming either a dancer or a famous model while I‘m still young. I also want to get my degree in business management and a PhD in psychology to carry me over to retirement age. I would like to be an interior designer on the side. It sounds like a handful but with a little bit of hope, motivation, and effort, I can be anything I want to be; that being a very beautiful Successful Woman, who can stand on her own, like my mom.

Anna Lee Monnar

Past, Present, Future

Past:    Mirror- The mirror represents me in the past, which was when I was younger. I used to think that I was PERFECT. But now I know I am not. I look at my reflection and see what I need to fix inside and out. It never hurts to try to be perfect. Never think you are being conceited, think of it as being confident. I want to see what people see in me. But most importantly what I see in myself.

Present:  Tweezers- The tweezers represent life itself. The reason being is because when you are plucking your eyebrows, if you take out a hair you didn’t mean to take out, you mess up the whole eyebrow and its shape. Next you have to start over to give it a new shape. Of course to do that it takes some time. In life that is what we have to do when we have our incidents, just keep trying and if we mess up reshape your life.

Future:  Picture- The picture represents my family that I am grateful to have with me. My father passed away. However, we build our relationship stronger and stronger as the days go by with memories. My point is that in the future I want my family to be there for me and support me for all my actions in life. My family will be my backbone through the good, the bad, and the ugly. In the future I wish to marry, have children, and a family of my own as well.

Anna Lee Monnar  © Copyright

Alex Monnar

If I Could Change the Past

If I could change what
I have done in my past
It would all be rearranged
But what is done is done
I‘ve paid the price;
my conscious reminds me

…and now
I am just like help me Lord to better my life
Just give me a chance to proof to the world that
I can be the man that I am
You live and you learn and
Follow the Lord and who knows where
You‘ll go…Following the right path

Alexander Monnar

Alberto Monnar

The Moment

I think about my past and
I think about the present
The past was good and
the future will be better 

Memories is what keeps my heart going
And dreaming is what keeps my mind going
But to forget about someone can hurt

On the other hand to dream
about someone can cause hope
The future is a mystery
And the past is history

But now when I look into her eyes
I stop to think
Enjoying this moment which paralyzed my blink

Needless to say she froze my time
She‘s beautiful and worth more than a dime
The best moment of life is right in front of me
Forget the past, forget the future
The present is here, so what‘s to fear

Alberto Monnar

Marilin Alvarez

I Am Blessed
I've been blessed from the time I was born
With the love of my mother and father
They nurtured me and loved me
All through my life
They taught me kindness and forgiveness
They made me the woman I am today
A mother to my son and daughters
Plus, two more children  to love and take care
Now I am a grandma
To a beautiful Angelic girl
Her name is Sophia
Fully-spirited and lovely, she is
Even when obstacles hurt me
I pray for better days to come
Full of love, good health, and blessings
For me and for the ones I love
Marilin Alvarez

Natalie Alvarez

I Remember

As I see you day to day, 

I remember what we used to be, 

When we would walk together,

When we would hold hands, 

Lose each other’s breaths

Just by the sight of one another,

Knowing how each other felt

Just by how they would look at you, 

Waking up to the messages or calls saying, 

"Good morning, I love you, can’t wait to see you."

As the days go by I know that the feeling was real,

But us being together wasn't really real.

Natalie Alvarez

Monica Amin


Dreams of one's hope

Imagine the world with no hope


A landscape of changing colors

A world of changing shapes

A dream of one and others

A place of all escapes

Kaleidoscope, a cape of great hopes!

Monica Amin

C. Christelle Bay

Let’s Be One

Let‘s fight as one as we strive as one

Let‘s pray as one as we play as one

 Let‘s plan as one as we stand as one

Let‘s cry as one as we try as one.

Let us together our future plan 'cause

We build our future on a plan

Let us work as one whenever we can

And strive as one wherever we can

Nothing but being one will make us stand tall

With our hands held together we will never fall

So that forever, the best we will bring for all.

C. Christelle Bay

Catsteven P. Betonio

Heaven Is a Playground

I could see little kids everywhere

the sound of happiness ring my ears

the ground has no footprints of tears

I wonder if I could make a home here.

I could hear the songs of angels

Making trees sprout out of the field

So beautiful, my soul has yield

The voices delight every singles.

Little kids playing like there is no tomorrow

Running, jumping, playing the swing

after the merry-go-rounds,

all kids would sing to free the world from the pangs of sorrow.

Heaven is a playground indeed

I found the answer to my repression

From wars I will build my relocation

In here where I will never be in need

I hope the kids would not mind

of me spending time in their hallowed ground

Heaven is also a home for stray hounds

the kids gave us a home, they are so kind.

Catsteven P. Betonio

Don’t Have Doubts

Don’t have doubts about yourself,
You need to feel proud,
Because you are a very special person,
And you stand out in a crowd.
You need to keep your head held high,
And walk down the street with pride,
Because you know you have what it takes,
That only God can provide.
Debbie Bongiovanni

Hold On 

Hold on to your dreams,

Never let them go,

Just believe in yourself,

And all of your talents will show. 

Work hard and have faith,

For your dreams will come true,

Don't say that you can't do it,

And follow God's golden rule. 

Then you will see what hard work can do,

You will be happy and shine,

And you can say your dreams did come true,

And everything turned out just fine. 

Debbie Bongiovanni   

Think Positive 

Think positive in your life,

Only think good things,

Because if you do then you will get,

All that good life brings. 

So, from now on think good thoughts,

And it will be worth your while,

You will see good things happen,

And now you can really smile. 

Debbie Bongiovanni

Linu Conil


In ghostly silence,

They flow outward,

Singing only the songs

— of silence,

Flowing in unison,

Covering vales n‘hills,

Flowing in unison,

Covering nations n‘cities,

Flowing in unison,

Washing feet‘s n‘bodies,

They are water,

Flowing in ghostly silence,

Through the world!

Linu Conil

Barbara E. Contreras

Young and Free

It’s fun to be young

To be wild and free

To imagine the adult you would want to be

In a world without animosity  

To be young and innocent

To be free of labels and depiction

To be open and outspoken

To voice your opinion without conviction

To be young and free

Emanating individuality 

Without fingers, without whispers

In a world without hypocrisy

An ideal world that would share a light

A common goal, a reason to fight

The children, the elders, the needy

We’re all they have

A world without hope

Without desire or goal

Is a world without light

A world without voice

To be young and free, to believe

Tomorrow’s light will be brighter than tonight’s

To have the power, the desire, the dream, the spark

To blaze a fire is to be… Young and Free

Barbara E. Contreras

The Little House Without Windows : A Casinha sem Janelas2008Author: Cuqui

A Full Blank Page

So here I am into a new chapter of my life.

The sun on my back

Its warmth penetrates my skin

The coldness of the past is gone

The future was a blank page

Filled with how, where, when

The sun and the breeze

Brought my life

A new today

To live alive

To fill a page

With love

Now - here and - good and -how!


Hazel Sigrid C. Delara


The world is a kaleidoscope of love

God, humans, and all never cease with love

The eyes see, the heart throbs for us to smile

Race builds walls, hope toils bridge a thousand mile

Life fights for peace to bring the better you

Black is cry, red is smile, all makes a hue

The same colors in the rainbow to show

Even in the storm, one can see the glow

100 wise poets use their poems to ease the pain

The world's love rhymes human colors to gain

Hazel Sigrid C. Delara

Zoyla Edwards

In Love with Myself!

I am in love with Myself

And with all my flaws

A crooked toe and

A crazy hair!

I cry when I‘m mad,

I cry when I‘m not

A spoiled little brat

Ahhh I'm in love with myself!


A few pounds here,

A few pounds there

But perfectly healthy

The doctor gives me the Okay!

I‘m in love with Myself


Beautiful legs that can take me far

Strong arms that can hold you tight!

I can blind you with my beautiful smile

And dance with you with you all night!

I am in love with Myself...!


When I laugh You laugh, too!

All my insecurities are gone

When I think of my great self

Even when I am down,

I think of everything I've done!

And every heart beat cheers me up!

I am in love with Myself!

Zoyla Edwards

Erwin Fernandez

Shoes or Slippers

My love for you is so comfortable, 

like wearing my favourite slippers.

I don‘t know where your groove ends and my skin begins.

You‘re tattooed

on my sole. 

The pair to my whole

But every night I wonder, if it‘s enough for you

to just be my slippers.

Or do you dream of being someone‘s shoes

and disco dancing?

Erwin Fernandez

Lynielle Flores

Our Love is a Bonsai

Our love is humble bonsai.
It does not boast of great trunk and branches.
It has no show of glorious foliage
Nor of stunning flowers or amazing fruits

For everyone to witness and wonder
Our love is a bonsai growing silently.
In small steady pace;
Cultivated with patience and care
through the passing of time
And the test of elements
Our love is a bonsai grown with a plan;
Gaining determination and fortitude

Not budding sudden and quick like a tree
Emerging out of nowhere with no intent,
Just going to the devices of time and conditions,
And falling victim to the test of storms

Or the malice and spite of man
Our love is a bonsai perfectly honed.
Every perfect twist of resilient branch,
Every precise snip and cut of frail parts

We are nurtured with determination
Becoming the design of a powerful love,
Our purpose unwavering endurance
A quiet testament that not all love need to be

Braggingly marvelous like a tree
Standing tall and proud in the open
Sometimes, love can be
as magnificent as a small bonsai.

In its modesty lies the value of its beauty.
And in its humility
lies the strength of its greatness
Our love is a bonsai to be marveled

Not for the eyes of men
And their appreciation
It does not need to be known
Nor shown for the world to see

But to be looked upon by God;
A smile of approval from His lips
As He watches silently
In His private garden

Lynielle Flores

Marcette Fochier

SOUL of Marcette

When I Look into the mirror

I see a fate within my tears of my eyes

I Cry eternally and Spiritually

No. Mother, No Father, No Real Friends,

I am alone in this world I feel

I am the Mother of Five children from two bad marriages,

 but lots of lessons

I have walked many miles of Paths and gained much Wisdom

yet I know Nothing I give of my heart and SOUL

or I give nothing at all

I have many successes; I have many failures

and too many incompletes of my Life

I laugh but inside I am crying

My grandmother said, “I would learn the Hard Way.”

And she was right

Granny I am sorry for all I have done and failed to do

I admit I am not perfect and I have had selfish moments of self

and I am reaping my gardens

AS I walk this Journey I call my life I was dealt a bad hand

but guess what I ain't no victim and I hold no Pity parties for self

Through my pain and sorrow comes

 joy for someone who can live

If it be God’s will I ask for some rest and Peace of my Spirit and Love for my

SOUL I know in my time I will Smile the real smile

without fear it is going to be taken away

Through it all I lift up my pen to the Heavens

for God has blessed me with a Gift of SOUL Hands

SOUL of Marcette

Marcette Fochier

Marisa Forbes

Camouflage Man

There was a man in camouflage

Who crawled around in grass

And enjoyed the mess of mud

He healed the wounded

And fought battles unending

Dodged gunshots

And ran from cars

That tried to kill him,

Or so they say.

There is a man who wears camouflage

Who crept up under my skin

Lodged in my mind

Flowing between my heart, brain and lungs

Like the very oxygen I needed


Despite being in me

He keeps running away from me,

From us

As if my love can never be enough

He dwells in the ―castle of my skin 


He will not let me in.

There is a man that wears camouflage

That battles with my feelings for him

Amidst a battle for life and freedom

As I battle to get him

To understand

Why I still stand

To love him

Marisa Forbes

Isis Garcia

To My Father

My father Emilio Garcia Triana

was to me an amazing father:

You see, I was my Daddy's little girl;

I was raised by my step-mom and

my dad, after leaving the island of Cuba.

I well remember the many hours my dad worked

to provide for us;

He would get up every morning around 4 a.m.

and bring me my cafe con leche and my morning kiss.

My Dad loved to cook,

so he used his cooking skills

and worked in this little tiny kitchen

and made great meals for 25 cents a plate,

Everyone was welcome.

We took our monthly trip to the freedom tower,

to get our monthly supplies,

which was canned beef, powdered milk, flour, and cheese;

We felt humble and very blessed to have this huge help.

We moved quite often,

just about the time he would nail the last nail on the wall,

it was time to move again which meant different schools

and friends…

My Dad and my step-mom did the very best they could for me,

they gave me an education, taught me values, respect,

morals, and to help anyone in need,

but most of all they gave me pure love.

I was a very lucky girl!

My dad would pick me up from school,

and always made sure he was there before I was released.

I had piano and guitar lessons; let‘s not even discuss the braces

and the chaperone days!

I miss you Papi and Tia Marcia very much,

Thank you both for making me who I am today.

You will always be in my heart.

For ever, your little girl, Isis

Isis Garcia

Anubhav Gupta

At your altar…

I glow at your altar

As you on mine

Wick by wick

Drop by drop

I glow I burn

But I don‘t recede

I grow

I don‘t finish I begin

I don‘t dry I fill

I grow to new height

I begin a new journey

I fill a with love

I delight

Like the lamp which glows

at the lotus feet of the your marble figurine

It does not die

It just changes its form.

Anubhav Gupta

Mayte Guzman-Robles

Who Are They?

Gianna and Ronin is who they are

Who God willing will go very far

They play and fight all day long

And neither thinks they could do any wrong

They truly are a gift from above

Always hugging and giving with love

They are both unique in everyway

And daddy and I love you more each day

Mayte Guzman-Robles

Sergio Guzman


Forty athletes jumped to freedom

Fidel‘s guards didn‘t change their mind

Nor the medals earned by all of them

Only the desire to be free men

Forty athletes jumped to freedom

Men and women molded by Castro

Three decades of hunger and fear

Made them flee to salvation so near

Fidel make sure your doors are shut

Those that were molded by your own hand

The cream of your crop is leaving

Preferred to say well bye to their land

Hurry my friend jump to freedom

Happiness is waiting for your decision

Madam Liberty opens her strong arms

No matter your color or religion

The history repeats once more

Atlanta was this time the theater

When the athletes jumped to freedom

Told Fidel, ―See you later alligator

Sergio Guzman

Zyzygy Sight

When three celestial bodies align,

expect the mystical, magical & sublime.

From the benthos they will rise.

If you behold them, it is a rare prize.

To the surface of the main,

whilst the new moon doth wane

In a herd they do drift, riding the billows.

Rise & fall…  Swift!

With each swell, they surge & heave.

A synchronized dance of, bob & weave

Are they fantasy equine or marine ungulates?

Prancing in briny water, as the sea undulates.

Heading for a hidden bay, near the headland,

far away, to blissfully gallop on beach sand.

The incoming spring flood tide,

gives them all an awesome ride!

Loud & resonant

A thundering plangent!

The cacophony did not impede,

it added to the intensity of a stampede.

As waves dashed & crashed a tidal bore.

In multiple sets, comber, roller, breaker, to the shore.

And from the spume, the froth & the foam,

they surged ashore, breathing deep the ozone.

Resplendent and surreal in white

against a dark as pitch night.

To relish the short-lived freedom,

before returning in an undertow, to Neptune‘s kingdom.

Lana-Lee Jackson

Kenneth Rey C. Jimena      Home About Me

Time to Raise Myself

Time to raise myself and embrace a prayer

Time to thank God and my life today to offer

Another day, another chance for Him to render

Another me, another I to become better

Time to raise myself and think of her once more

Time to recall how I made her smile before

Another day, another chance to make it forevermore

Another me, another I but the same for her

Time to raise myself and please the people around

Time to enjoy life but enjoying doesn‘t need a sound

Another day, another fruitful life I should find

Another me, another I but the same inside

Kenneth Rey C. Jimena

Brenda Kay Ledford

Mountain Muse

Rubies, wild strawberries

sprinkling mountain meadows,

Mama baking a pie

in the woodstove

Aquamarine, the waters of Lake Chatuge,

a thousand diamonds dazzling on the waves.

Rose quartz, trilliums spreading a tapestry

across the Blue Ridge,

Jack-in-the-pulpit‘s message

Sapphire, a bluebird lifting

eighth notes on the power lines,

hatchings opening orange beaks.

Topaz, sorghum syrup

flowing from a Mason jar,

golden butter melting

on fresh-baked biscuits.

Amber, honeysuckle

perfuming the Fires Creek nature trail,

riding horses through jade woods,

a rainbow glittering like gems.

Brenda Kay Ledford

Lorraine Lynch

A Lesson

I remember living on a train seasons ago

Travelling north in California

Staring out the reverberating plastic glass

At the vast Western nothingness

Miles and years of it in one frame

Nobody knew serene me

I was the most and the least alone

At last

Finally I shook hands with peace

I was the same as a lizard out on those dry rocks

Helpless to fate

And reveling in its sweet mystery

You come into this life on your own

Try to make some sense out of it

Try to remain constant and grow

Try to personify morality

But it is a difficult price to pay

When it is so shunned

In a non-societal society

Of this new-age open penitentiary

Freedom is a cruel joke

Wagging tongues

Distorted facts and faces

I kept my enemies the closest

Just like our predecessors told us

I just did not realize they were so close

I did not know how friendly their faces were

Until they were laughing at me

The mob is fickle

And that realization hit me like my train

Strange that sitting amidst your family

Can make you feel like more of an adopted stranger

Than sitting in Central Park


On Valentine‘s Day

My big words are misunderstood

Confused by ignorance for ignorance

I must build my own mind empire

Of noble honesty in a world of politicians

Of quiet conviction in a world of sheep

Of deserved pride in a world of begrudges

Of loud non-judgment in a world of whispers

Of silent freedom fighting in a world of prejudice

Of icy clarity in a world of concealed abuse


Lorraine Lynch

Press Play

Been on pause

stuck in a lacuna

a debris space

While Zimbabwean

man is flung from

Xenophobic train

Ego matters of slow

magnitude midst a

world bleeding

Time to

smile outward lock fingers

with brothers others

Sam Manty

Anthony Montero

I’ve Fallen for You

My friend I hate to say this,

But our friendship will not last,

The time we‘ve spent together,

Have faded to the past

I told myself, ―It is bound to happen. 

Our friendship will come to an end.

Although, I know you really care

I don‘t consider you a friend.

Please don‘t try to argue,

But try to understand.

That time can change two people

as time can change its sand.

Our friendship has been lovely,

But you see it has a ―the end.

But I look at you in a different way,

I‘ve fallen for you my friend.

Anthony Montero

Zainab Salim

I'm Not Getting Any Younger

I'm not getting any younger

My aim now is to live longer

To do as much as possible of good deeds

and to stay far away from all that God forbids

I'm not getting any younger

Nor am I getting older

I still can fall in love, as love is innocent

And age is just a number

I'm not getting any younger

To my mom I'll always be a baby

So I still can laugh out loud

Until now while watching Tom and Jerry

I'm not getting any younger

I know my life can end anytime but my life is not yet over

So I have all the right to have every kind of fun

To smile all the time and have a good life like everyone

I'm not getting any younger

So I still can change for the better

I'm a bad person, that's what people think but it doesn't matter

Just wait and watch all who were blind will see sooner or later

I'm not getting any younger

And yes I haven't stop dreaming as 

I'm still a dreamer

As still some of my dreams are unfulfilled

But I believe in God, as surely one day

God will grant my prayer.

Zainab Salim

Maggy San Jose


Your sudden existence into my life is a gift of joy.

Trying to analyze to find reason

for my tranquil acceptance of the situation,

I discovered that there is nothing ephemeral about

either this kind of relationship nor the rare quality of my days.

On the contrary,

I am aware only the sort of timelessness,

as though it is all a part of a plan, a predestined design,

conceived the day I was born.

What is happening to me had been meant to happen,

was go on happening, without any recognizable beginning.

It did not seem possible that it could ever have an end.

Maggy San Jose


your smiles 

wrap me

in my daydreams I feel

I am part of your dreams 


your smiles are soul tingling as I see

with my open eyes

Afzal Shauq

Alan Thomas

Peace This Year!

I would like a real peace this year, something we need to do.

And I want to live without any fear; we can see all this through

We don't need war.

What is it for?

The world‘s future, yeah-it's up to me

I choose freedom, love, and dignity

I can see that

We would like a real peace this year Love..., for you..., and me

 Alan Thomas

Yanira Zelaya

Eighth Wonder

Somewhere along my journey

Came a twist

A sudden surprise;

A bliss

Unexpectedly you came

To illuminate my way

You‘ve showed me

the eighth wonder of the world

with every kiss and every touch

Each day that passes by

I ask myself could it be true

I don‘t know how or when it all happened

All I know is that I live in the moment

And I‘m grateful it‘s with you

Yanira Zelaya

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Express Yourself 101 Dancing with Words VOLUME 1

Ana Monnar (Compiler)

Hardcover: 408 pages Publisher: Readers Are Leaders U.S.A. (July 22, 2005) Language: English ISBN-10: 0976803526 ISBN-13: 978-0976803522

An anthology featuring 101 writers from the past, present and future...

PAST  Mark Akenside, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, William Blake,  Robert Browning, William Cullen Bryant, Charles Dickens,  Eugene Field, Samuel Johnson,  John Keats, Amy Lowell, Edgar Allan Poe, Christina Rossetti,  William Shakespeare, Phillis Wheatley, Walt Whitman

PRESENT  W. Jude Aher, Christopher Aiden, Kevin Paul Alawine, Elein Arencibia, Marcy Axness, Ph.D.,  Nathaniel Booker,  Janelle-Diane Bravo,  Isabel Cabán, Didier Camacho, Richard Caruso,  Todd Cheney,  Tahlia Dago, Adriana Gale,  Stacy Goll,  Milena Gomez,  Stephanie Harmon,  Beverly Houck,  Michael Levy, Ralph Lichtenberger,  Adrienne Lin,  Miriam Lorenzo, Sandra R. Mainer,  Ana Monnar, Melissa Oharriz,  A. Owens, Charles P. Ries,  Jason Schramm, Miryam Shields, Adrian Spendlow,  Linda Stypulkowski,  Idania Temiño, Linda Turner-Zwetkov,  Kathleen Vasilas, Sand-dee Rose Waybill,  Melissa-Marie Zirini

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Express Yourself 101 For Your Eyes Only VOLUME 2

Ana Monnar (Compiler)

Hardcover: 512 pages Publisher: Readers Are Leaders U.S.A. (July 7, 2007) Language: English ISBN-10: 0976803569 ISBN-13: 978-0976803560

An anthology featuring writers from the past, present and future…

Part 1 - Once Upon a Time

George Canning, Paul Laurence Dunbar, Khalil Gibran, Rudyard Kipling, Harold Munro, William Morris, Christina Rossetti, William Shakespeare, Ella Wheeler

Wilcox Part 2 - After That

Herminia Vivancos

Part 3 - In Addition

Elizabeth Aguilar, W. Jude Aher, Kevin Paul Alawine, Miriam Arango, Milagros Avila, Prmod Bafna, Therese Young Belisle, Alexander Bernace, Dev Bhardwak, Zoyla Córdoba, Rachelle Arlin Credo, Alain E. Dardé, Chantal Dardé, Maggie Dardé, Gail Deemer, Carolina de la Uz, Juan del Cerro, Elena Diaz-Orta, Juana Escorbort Encarnación, Erik Estabrook, Andi Fisher, Mary García, Stacy Goll, Milena Gomez, Sergio Guzman, Jasmine Kang, Penn Kemp, Eda Marie LaPolt, Barbara Ledford Wright, Blanche L. Ledford, Brenda Kay Ledford, Michael Levy, Miriam Lorenzo, Michaela Macha, Joan Marques, PhD., Renee Matthews-Jackson, J. Michaels, Alina Monnar, Lipipuspa Nayak, PhD., Radha Binod Nayak, PhD., Daniel North, Hrusikesh Panda PhD., Margaret Paniagua, David Pereda, José Luciano Piloto, Margarita Piloto, Dorin Popa, PhD., Charles P. Ries, Kimberly D. Robinson, Alexander Shaumyan, Miryam Shields, Adrian Spendlow, Rose Mary Stiffin, PhD., Linda Stypulkowski, Kathy Vasilas, Matthew Williams, J. Allen Wilson, S. S. Wong, Yujiro

Part 4 - Furthermore

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Part 5 - Before I Go

Ana Monnar

Express Yourself 101 Kaleidoscope VOLUME 3

Ana Monnar (Compiler)

Hardcover: 468 pages Publisher: Readers Are Leaders U.S.A. (November 8, 2010) Language: English ISBN-10: 098003972X ISBN-13: 978-0980039726

An anthology featuring writers from the past, present and future…

Past - William Blake, Robert Browning, Robert Burns, William Cullen Bryant, Ralph Waldo Emerson, John Keats, Lord Alfred Tennyson

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"Because A Strong Woman, I Am" ‎"Because A Strong Woman, I Am" IP 368B Video Project - Group #1 Sherwin Acidera Mark Anthony Acquiat Marjorie Bocalbos James Gonczi Ailia Hopkins Charly Sampaga Speeches by: Maya Angelou Hilary Clinton Alfre Woodard Oprah Winfrey Poem Written by: Ana Monnar